Nars Orgasm Blush

Nars Orgasm Blush – $29 at your local Sephora.

After years of trying various blushes, I’ve finally found my holy grail. Nars orgasm blush has the perfect amount of “oomph” to it. The blush is almost a flushed golden pink with with golden shimmer that accents the color wonderfully. My usual technique is to contour my face after putting on foundation and then going back with my concealer to highlight my cheek bones, t-zone, and chin area. Then I take my lovely Nars Orgasm blush and my fluffy blush brush and highlight my cheekbones with it. The color is extremely verstatile and can be used as a light day to day blush or layered for a more dramatic “night out” look. After using this blush, I’ve been recieving so many compliments about how I’m able to make my cheeks shimmer “just the right amount”. I found that the Orgasm blush works as both a blush and a highlighter which makes life so much easier. Overall, this is the best blush I’ve used thus far and I can’t wait to buy more. :]


– Preksha :]

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