MAC Ruby Woo

photo 2

All my life, I’ve been in LOVE with red lipstick. Its classy, bold, and sexy. But I definitely NEVER thought I could pull it off until one day I walked into my local MAC store and looked at the MAC Ruby Woo lipstick. Of course I had been doing lots of research on red lipsticks and had bought a couple drug store brands for a trial run, just to see how it would look on me. However, this particular day I decided to ask the sales associate at MAC about the different red lipsticks they had, and she showed me both Russian Red and Ruby Woo. At first she told me to try Russian Red but I found that color to be a tad bit too dark. I then went for the Ruby Woo, and instantly fell in love.

photo 3

The color is an EXTREMELY matte color. It is a tad bit drying so I would suggest putting on some chapstick or lipbalm before actually putting the lipstick on. The color is very vibrant and has is a very long lasting color. I put it on in the morning and I dont have to touch it up for about six hours. I always thought that I could never wear red lipstick because of my Indian complexion, but after buying this color, I highly recommend stepping out of your comfort zone if you haven’t thought of wearing such a bold color before.


– Preksha :]

2 thoughts on “MAC Ruby Woo

  1. I’ve been wanting to get that lipstick for awhile now, too bad my local Mac has is sold out. 😦 but I know I’ll be getting my hands in that perfect red very soon!!

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