Top 3 Make Up Tools I CANNOT live without

I always used to think that strength of my make up application was based on the products I used, and even though this is true, I have found that the most important thing that matters when I put on my make up are the brushes and tools that I use! Basically I have THREE main tools that I have found that I cannot live with out.



This is a new brush (new to me at least!) that my best friend advised me to get, and the minute it came in the mail, I was INSTANTLY in love. This brush is ideal for liquid foundation, and it helps me put my Mac Studio Fix on with such ease. Seriously, this brush is freaking amazing. All I really do is dab the product, in my case my Mac Studio Fix NC42 Liquid foundation, and use this brush to stipple the foundation and then go back and blend in the foundation properly using small circular motions. Overall, this brush allows my make up to look almost flawless and airbrushed, and I really don’t know how I ever lived with out it! (thanks deb <3)

This brush runs for about $21 at and I definitely think it’s well worth the money. I’ve washed it a few times already and it does not shed, and actually holds its shape well. It’s definitely a brush that’s going to stay in good condition over the years and it makes putting on foundation so much easier and faster than normal.



The Beauty Blender is a pretty famous little pink sponge, especially because it’s what Kim Kardashian’s MUA uses to get her face perfectly contoured and highlighted. This little magical sponge, is light, airy, and fluffy, and feels amazing on your face. Basically what you do is wet the sponge with water, and you’ll see it expand, and then squeeze the water out of it and use it to dab on your make up perfectly. You can use the Beauty Blender to put foundation all over your face, which is something I used to do before I bought my Sigma Brush. Now I use my Blender to highlight my cheekbones, nose, jawline, and forehead. I also use the pointy tip to blend my concealer properly into my foundation so that the over all coverage under my eyes matches the coverage on the rest of my face. You can find this sponge in Sephora for about $20 a piece and it’s well worth the price. It’s also a breeze to clean. I just clean mine with my face wash and take off all the make up about ever 3-4 uses. Honestly, this little sponge is a game changer when it comes to applying make up, and it really is a wonderful little thing.



This is a brush I found at my local drug store years ago, and I’ve been using it ever since. This is the perfect kabuki brush to put on powder foundation, which is what I use to set my liquid foundation. This little brush is awesome! It’s easy to travel with, it’s not that pricey, its easy to clean, and best of all, IT DOESN’T SHED. It also distributes the powder evenly over your face, and its the softest brush I have ever used. Overall, this is one incredible brush. I’ve tried a couple of other retractable kabukis, and I always end up coming back to this one. It runs for about $8.00 at your local drug store, and it’s a great investment.

So that’s pretty much it. Again, these are just the three brushes that I can’t live without, if you have any that you feel I should look into, leave a comment below and let me know :]

 – Preksha :]

4 thoughts on “Top 3 Make Up Tools I CANNOT live without

    • I definitely think they’re a great investment! A lot of people say that they like either the sigma F80 OR the beautyblender, but honestly I love using BOTH. I definitely think they’re a great investment!

  1. I just got the EcoTools Kabuki brush too- I am SO impressed with how soft all their brushes are! I’m going through the newbie stage of understanding whether it’s working well or not with my Tarte Amazoian Clay Airbrushed powder foundation- just gotta keep practicing I suppose!

    • I discovered these brushes a few years ago! They are pretty amazing! they eyeshadow brushes are just as great, and I just recently purchased their large fan brush for highlighting! they’re really a great investment esp cause they’re so cheap and have such great quality for such a great price! Sorry for the late reply!

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