NYX HD Studio Photogenic Finishing Powder

Recently, I purchased NYX’s HD Studio Photogenic Finishing Powder from my nearest Ulta. I had heard from a couple different people that this powder was very similar to Make Up Forever Microfinish Powder and after doing some research of my own, I found that both NYX’s finishing powder and MUFE’s Microfinish powder are made with the same ingredient – 100% Mineral Silica.


What it does:

This powder is a translucent, lightweight, fragrance free, loose powder which is made of fine milled silica. NYX’s HD Studio Photogenic Finishing Powder has a super smooth formula which is perfect for setting foundation and finishing your overall make up look.

The powder is completely white and translucent which makes it perfect for any skin tone. The powder absorbs oil, gets rid of unwanted shine, and leaves a matte finish. 

Because the powder has a such a lightweight silky texture, it creates a soft focus effect and minimizes and blurs imperfections such as fine lines, scars, and blemishes – creating a flawless finish. It can be applied over foundation or worn alone depending on your personal preference.

Applying this powder is easy and fairly quick. I use this powder by taking the slightest amount on a fluffy powder brush and then taking it and gently buffing it into my face in a circular motion.

Some of the cons are that this powder is extremely loose and the packaging is not as great as it could be. Sometimes, the powder does fly around when I open or close the container but I don’t really mind it that much.

NYX’s HD Studio Photogenic Finishing Powder is about $10 – I bought mine from Ulta, but I’m sure it can be found at other stores or on the NYX’s website.

Overall, I love this product, and I’m so glad that I decided to get the NYX’s brand finishing powder instead of spending double the price for the same exact product swith a different name. If you’re looking for a finishing powder thats not super pricey but is super effective, I definitely think this is the one for you!

– Preksha :]

5 thoughts on “NYX HD Studio Photogenic Finishing Powder

  1. Yaaay I am so glad it actually works! The price was a good one so I was thinking that maybe it’s not the best powder for the amount you pay but now I must get it 😀

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